Staging your home for sale

While now the norm in larger real estate markets, staging is still not widely used in the Belleville and Quinte area. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider staging your home if you are listing:

Increase your asking price

Receive multiple offers

Receive offers at, or over your asking price

Shorten your time on the real estate market

Any or all of the above are proven results of the proper staging of a residential home.

 Percentages vary depending on area and type of home, however, each one will save or earn you money!

The pictures below are of a vacation home in Quebec. The selling price was 38% more than the previous purchase price, and seller received asking price. The house was less than 3 weeks on the market before being sold. Average time on the market in this area is 6 months to a year!

 This same house was over 1 year on the market the last time it was sold.